My Journal Art

"Lago Titicaca" - Puno, Peru - 2010

 "Home Inside and Out" 2016 

Gratitude and love for the coffee-stained pages of my hand-stitched journal #13! We are dear friends. The pen is the bridge, while creativity is the language...


 Journal #13 - Democratic Republic of Congo - 2014

"Journal #10" -
Hand made of recycled material, Animal Skins,
 (such as Zebra that died of natural causes), 
paper, black tea & coffee.
2009 - 2013

"Journal #9" -
Hand Made of Recycled Material, Acrylic, Hemp, Paper, Black Tea & Coffee.
The core of this journal is an original publication of Oliver Twist from the 1800s.
2006 - 2009

On the Mythic Voyage through the rivers of the Amazon.