Art Therapy in Argentina

Art Therapy in Tunuyan, Mendoza
Argentina - November, 2014

For three weeks Benjamin Swatez, Oscar Guinez and OMAI conducted an art therapy project with more than 160 children. The project worked in partnership with DINAF, Escuela DiRani, and Escuela Especial 2-020. Everyone was welcome: youth from the streets, children who were removed from their home due to severe abuse, children with mental and/ or physical disabilities, and children who just wanted to learn how to paint! This course included an art therapy curriculum, an art exhibition and a 20 meter mural, using all the tools to provide a safe environment for self empowerment and self esteem building through the power of creativity, the colors of love and friendship.  
Absolutely AMAZING!!!

"Manos Llenos de Esperanza" 
Hands full of Hope

International Art Exhibition - 2014

Art Exhibition by Benjamin Swatez, Oscar Guinez and OMAI in Tunuyan, Mendoza, Argentina. A dream come true! On November 25th, 2014 we opened an art exhibition in the Cathedral Neaustra Senora Del Carmen wit painting of over 200 children around the world who painted their freedom in my art therapy projects.  Also, I hung 8 paintings of my own that reflected my inner journey throughout the years of work. 

What a gift to watch these beautiful children of Argentina walk into a Cathedral and find their work hanging on the walls of a professional art exhibition!!!

SAN MARTIN 1659 - 20 Meter Mural

For one week we painted a 20 meter mural on the outside wall of the Escuela Especial 2-020. Over 70 people came to help paint the colors of love all over this wall facing the main street of Tunuyan, Mendoza, Argentina. It was the most incredible honor to paint beside the children of the streets, children passing by on the street, as well as mentally and physically disabled children! Thank you!!!

Thank you Oscar Guinez and your entire family. Thank you Carla Gonzalez Garcia. Thank you OMAI, Eco-Hue, Muni. Tunuyan, Excuela Ciudad de Tunuyan, Escuela derani, DINAF, Excuela Easpecial 2-020 and to the over 150 children total who participated in the Art Therapy Project of Tunuyan, Medoza, Argentina.