Dwende Hats

Do you ever wonder what it would feel
like to wear a tree on your head?
Our hats are 100% organic, made from the husk of a palm tree.
The material is harvested before it decomposes into the Earth.
It  is time  to fuse the dream with reality.

Shape Shifting Your Hat: 
Take a moment to tune into the energy of the seed pod you now hold. 
Each one has its own personality. With the pure intention of listening you are already
an artist and creativity is flowing through your fingers. 
Submerge the hat into a bucket of water for a few seconds. 
Now, hold the point of the Dwende hat and dance like nobody is watching.
When most of the water is wrung out you are now ready to form your creation with
mother nature as your guide... 
The water has made the fibers of the
husk soft and flexible.   With your fingers, 
take hold of any part of the fiber you wish, making a seam,
 and hold for 5-10 seconds (or longer if needed).  
You can also create waves and folds using a light stitch with a needle and thread.   
The Dr. Seuss style bubbles that are so popular at the top of the hat are shaped by pulling the
 fibers about 2-3 inches from the point and pushing down to create a cupped fold.   
Thick wire may be laced through the top in order to twist the point into a spiral.  
You may need to make a small snip with scissors at the point to create a hole for the wire.  
Feathers, flowers, or any bit of beauty you collect on your travels can also be added using needle and thread or by weaving through the fibers.

We will be posting a link to a You Tube video demonstrating the creation process very soon 
as well more photos for style ideas very soon.

Stay tuned!!